Population Health is a TEAM SPORT…How can you step up and Play? What’s your Role?

You may not be an elite athlete, scholar or gamer…but you are doing something right.  You have survived the health challenge of a century as we continue to be dealing with a pandemic worldwide.  If we all do the right things, the world will be better off.  

This is called Population Health where people work to advance everyone’s health.  

Population Health is a TEAM sport…we need everyone to play to win the game of life for ourselves and neighbors worldwide.  

Please play…its free and you win badges and points and maybe a virtual ribbon. You also win self respect and pride that you were part of the solution with the medical teams. 

Everything you do to help yourself and others stay healthy counts.  Your steps, learning, community service, and fund raising.

These are our categories. 
Move Learn Serve Earn

If you wish to seriously compete in the Games and have your points buy gear, food, or scholarships for you or to gift them to others, sign up as an Ambassador level player. 

10 facts potentially side by side comparison or flip cards…the bullets match up. 

How are the Reality Health Games different from the Olympics?

The Olympics

  • It started between city states in Ancient Greece in the 8th-4th centuries BC to celebrate human accomplishments in sport
  • The modern Olympics restarted in 1894 and have had elite athletes compete from all over the world. 
  • It occurs every 4 years. 
  • Only rarely have they been cancelled.  
  • Brotherhood and sisterhood between athletes despite country, race, or religion has been a hallmark of the games.
  • It is for elite athletes all over the world as they challenge themselves to be the the best in the world at an event or sport skill. 
  • It is a classic sports competition. 

The Reality Health Games

  • It started in Tucson AZ and State College PA this year to celebrate human accomplishment in life
  • It will have 3 seasons each year, with Summer, Fall, and Winter Games. 
  • Being a Force for Health is the theme of the games where everything you do to help yourself help people, counts as point in the events. 
  • Its is for the rest of us that are best best at one thing, but are the best at taking care of ourselves and are striving to help others do the same. 
  • It is a whole new category of competition and self actualization.  
  • It is part eSports, part athletics, part academic, part community service and all about social entrepreneurism.